It is a requirement that all members of Perth Radio Sailing Club who attend any of its regular and special calendared events, at any of its venues, shall be at least triple currently COVID-19 vaccinated, or be able to show an official medical certificate that exempts them from the requirement to be COVID-vaccinated purely on health grounds.

This policy covers all members, whether they are attending the relevant event as a competitor, an official or as a spectator. It also covers family members who may be attending in support of the member.

The member must also comply with any current WA Government requirements for sanitation, the wearing of masks and/or social distancing.


Your Committee has been discussing this situation actively for some time now and has taken many factors into account. Firstly, that club radio sailing is essentially a social activity, with close intermingling of attendees common at all events. Secondly, that our average sailing member is in an age group and health demographic for whom the consequences of catching the virus are potentially serious, if not life-threatening. Thirdly, we have a significant proportion of our sailing group who have specific health issues that may render them even more susceptible to the effects of the virus than might otherwise be the case.

 Accordingly, the Club has resolved that we will make full vaccination a requirement for attendance at any club event, from 01 December 2021 onward and that if you are unable to comply with this requirement, that you do not attend the event.

 The only exception to this requirement is if you have a medical condition for which a relevant health professional (your GP or specialist) has provided an exemption certificate declaring that, for health reasons, you should not be vaccinated against COVID 19.

The definition of full vaccination is (at least) two injections received of Astra Zenica, Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, plus at least a third booster of one of the listed vaccines.

Your Committee is taking this action now because we want us all to be able to stay healthy and to keep sailing together.

Reciprocal Members of the Club, guest sailors and affiliated club sailors competing in an interclub event are required to declare their vaccination status prior to the commencement of the event and, if not fully compliant with this policy, to wear a mask, practice hand sanitation protocols and maintain at least a 1.5 metre distance from all other attendees at all times before, during and after the event.