Warren's Words of Wisdom

We have been very fortunate in securing the wisdom of Warren Rock to run rig setting skill sessions and sailing rules talks after our sailing at the lake. The audio in the videos sometimes have background noises since they are recorded live lakeside and the resident corellas do not obey "Keep Quiet" signs! The sessions are held monthly and alternate between rigging skills and sailing rules as the subject matter. This page will thus be updated as and when these videos are produced.

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Rig Setting Skills                                                                                              Sailing Rules

1 : How full do you need your sails?  Session 1                                                    1 : Rules - Why do we need them? Session 2

2 : Starts and the Rules Involved Session 5                                                         2 : How to set up your boat Session 3 

3 : Mark Rounding Rules & Tactics Session 6                                                       3 : Wind shifts - predicting and reacting Session 4


Other Articles of Interest Regarding Rules 

Rules seminar Malta 2022

The Malta IOM Championships in November 2022 had a rest day due to bad weather and Rules guru Chris Watts provided an impromptu session which is available on YouTube via this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGxGclAI9oc 


Sportsmanship & The Rules

An extract from Tidings, the newsletter of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club 2018