Sep 18, 2022

Brent's Choice takes to the water

PRSC's latest rescue dinghy was first used at the Saturday 17th Sept race meeting at Jackadder. Read more for the full story

When Peppermint Grove Shire Council advertised the disposal sale of abandoned water craft, Brent Field was tasked to inspect the dinghies and determine if any would serve as a suitable replacement for existing but tired one. Brent and Mal McKercher found what appeared to be a suitable trimaran and stable style dinghy requiring some repair work. Brent submitted an offer on behalf of the club but he passed away before adjudication of the tender. The Shire CEO, on hearing of Brent's sudden passing, contacted PRSC and offered to donate the craft in memory of Brent. Mal then very kindly performed the necessary repairs to make the dinghy seaworthy and it was launched on 16th Sept, being put to use at the race meeting the following day. The boat has been named "Brent's Choice", a constant memory to a great member.

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      The old and the new    The old dinghy being towed to storage     Brent's Choice