Apr 27, 2022

Diggers Cup 2022

After a 2 year Covid-19 enforced hiatus, a newly filled Jackadder Lake saw us holding the Anzac Day Diggers Cup once more. With an apparent growing reluctance to follow tradition with swapping boats between skippers, the event was held as a regular regatta and we will work on devising a way to bring back novelty to the event for the future.

SilenceProceedings began with a respectful 1 minute silence then race briefing by PRO Warren Rock, selecting an appropriate course whilst looking across the mirror-like surface of Jackadder!


The conditions were obviously very challenging since Craig was the only sailor to score a bullet twice, the others being shuffledCalm water around the deck. It appears having an in with the weather gods or perhaps an oversupply in the luck department made the results varied but, as always, the cream rises to the top!


Winners2With only 6 races held, and even then the last race having to be shortened, the sailors were glad to call it a day as a number had risen early for the dawn services.


Diggers Cup 2022 winner (right) Craig Taylor and Diggers Plate for second overall was Brent Field. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to PRO Warren Rock, David King and other helpers on the day.