Sep 14, 2020

Can You Just Imagine?

Just a little bit of history from the local press, back in 1831 Jackadder Lake had a previous name - can you guess?

jackadderThanks to an avid reader of the local media who came upon this little treat!

Jackadder Lake was known as Mews Lake in 1831, as the original grant was assigned to early pioneer Thomas Mews (not Robert). By 1842 the lake was known as Jackadup and later changed to Jackadder. The Manning family aquired the land around the lake before 1900 and built a limestone cottage on the property, going on to establish a dairy.

jackadder_lake_25_02_2019_by_saraeustace91_dd0n67f-fullviewThe dairy was later leased to Robert Bruce who expanded it into one of the largest in the district. The photo was taken around 1907 and shows Mr Bruce and his cattle herd grazing on the edge of the lake. The fresh milk was sent daily to a depot in Jolimont and then distributed to households around Perth.

Can you just imagine if the name was never changed?

Thanks to an avid reader for the news clipping, apologies source unknown.